Springfield Elementary School
Springfield Elementary School

Supuringufīrudo Shōgakkō


Town Springfield
Owner Gary Chalmers (Superintendent)
Seymour Skinner (Principal)
Original Series Debut Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
Springfield Bound Debut


Original SeriesEdit

Springfield BoundEdit


Original SeriesEdit

List of Springfield Elementary Faculty MembersEdit

Current FacultyEdit

Name Gender Position Status Original Series Debut
Seymour Skinner Male Principal Veteran Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
Gary Chalmers Male Superintendent Veteran Whacking Day
Edna Krabappel Female Homeroom (4th Grade; Class A) Veteran Bart the Genius
Mr. Bergstrom Male Homeroom (2nd Grade) Newcomer

(as of Season 8)

Lisa's Substitute
Calliope Juniper Female Homeroom (4th Grade; Class B)
Newcomer Flaming Moe
Alcatraaz Male Homeroom (3rd Grade) Newcomer Pranksta Rap
Mike Male Homeroom (5th Grade) Veteran

(as of Season 22; Original Series)

Moms I'd Like to Forget
Kindergarten Teacher Female Homeroom (Kindergarten) Veteran Sideshow Bob Roberts
Coach Krupt Male Physical Education Veteran

(as of Season 17; Original Series)

My Fair Laddy
Doris Freedman Female Cook Veteran Lisa's Pony
Groundskeeper Willie Male Maintenance/Custodian Veteran Principal Charming
J. Loren Pryor Male School Psychiatrist Veteran Bart the Genius

Former FacultyEdit

Name Gender Position Status Original Series Debut
Elizabeth Hoover Female Homeroom (2nd Grade) Veteran/Quit Brush with Greatness
Ms. Melancholy Female Homeroom (Kindergarten) Quit Lisa's Sax (Flashback)
Audrey McConnell Female Homeroom (3rd Grade/4th Grade; Class B) Veteran/Fired Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade
Dewey Largo Male Music Veteran/Quit Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
Waylon Smithers Female Homeroom (6th Grade)
Newcomer/Quit (As of Season 2 Homer's Odyssey

List of StudentsEdit

2nd GradeEdit

3rd GradeEdit

4th GradeEdit

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Class BEdit

5th GradeEdit

6th GradeEdit


  • Uter Zorker
  • Celeste
  • Francine Rhenquist

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Character & Location TropesEdit

  • Sucky School:
  • No Name Given: Many of the generic background students at Springfield Elementary are not given last names. In fact, many of them do not receive a chance to carve out real roles and just fill in the crowds, while certain one-time students are often reduced to [Recurring Extras/Demoted to Extra.
    • However, certain students such as Becky, Alex Whitney, Allison Taylor, Richard, Lewis, Bodhi, Howard, etc. become Ascended Extras, including new students such as Clarissa Wellington and Melody Juniper.

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