Mayor Joe Quimby
Mayor Quimby (Official Image)

Shichō Jō Kuinbī


Joseph Fitzgerald O'Malley Fitzpatrick O'Donnell The Edge "Joe" Quimby
Alias Diamond Joe Quimby
Age 39
Blood Type
Original Series Debut The Call of the Simpsons
Springfield Bound Debut
Affiliation Springfield
Shinken Skill
Shinken Type None
Rank None


  • Martha Quimby (Wife)
  • Freddy Quimby (Nephew)
  • Unnamed Son


Joseph Fitzgerald O'Malley Fitzpatrick O'Donnell The Edge 'Joe' Quimby, is the long-standing, much-maligned - yet strangely forgivable - Mayor of Springfeld.

Don't assume that his lengthy term of office reflects a spotless career. Quimby once enraged Springfield voters by releasing the nefarious Sideshow Bob from prison - a mistake he paid for when Bob was elected (briefly) as mayor shortly afterwards. He was also the center of a paternity scandal - 27 paternity scandals to be precise - but he cunningly kept the journalists at bay by bribing them with adorable puppies.

Mayor Quimby is not without his talents, however. His uncanny ears can detect the sound of a briefcase opening from several rooms away, while his ability to seduce (or just pay for) nubile young blondes (often several simultaneously) is unparalleled in all the land.

A healthy business relationship with Fat Tony has also had a major part to play in his illustrious career.


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1625 - Family patriarch Onus Quimby flees Britain to escape religious intolerance and his wife.

1626 - H.M.S. Gin Blossom arrives in Palm Beach Florida. Missionary Joshua Quimby converts the local tribe of Indians into bartenders.

1803 - The Quimbys are run out of Florida when their "fountain of youth" is revealed to be a fountain of water.

1825 - Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Cyrus opens a small influence stand in Springfield. By 1900 the Quimbys are the biggest influence peddlers in the air-breathing states.

1920 - Prohibition causes Joe Quimby Sr.'s illegal liquor business to thrive. He expands his bathtub gin operation to include sink vodka, toilet scotch, and bidet bourbon.

1950 - On February 9, Joe Jr. "Joe-Joe" is born, his father's first legitimate child. Joe Sr. also has children with Agnes Moorehead and, later, with all of his son's nannies.

1961 - Joe Quimby Sr. mysteriously disappears. His body is found a decade later, marooned in a sand trap in the back nine.

1967 - A touch football injury keeps Joe Jr. out of Vietnam.

1968 - Joe Jr. enrolls in Springfield University and majors in fraternity studies.

1969 - During his sophomore year, Joe Quimby leads a student sit-in to protest the university's ban on goldfish swallowing.

1978 - Joe Quimby reluctantly graduates from college, after his father threatens to take away his girlfriend.

1980 - Joe marries his college sweetheart during an eighteen week bender. During this time he also marries three other women from the same sorority.

1985 - Joe announces his candidacy for mayor. He is nicknamed "Diamond Joe" because he owns many diamonds.

1986 - Joe wins the Springfield mayoral race. Corpses, dogs, and Chicago outfit vote in record numbers.

1986-present - Joe Quimby presides over Springfield during the greatest period of peace, prosperity and massive corruption the town has ever known.

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