Elizabeth Hoover
Elizabeth Hoover (Official Image)2

Erizabesu Fūbā

(エリザベス フーバー)

Blood Type
Original Series Debut Brush with Greatness
Springfield Bound Debut
Affiliation Springfield Elementary School (Former)
The Splinter Cell
Shinken Skill
Shinken Type Manipulator


Having disdain for Ralph Wiggum's random inanities and Lisa Simpson's unbridled enthusiasm/independent thinking, Ms. Hoover crams her instructional time with educational films and pointless busywork. She could be described as jaded. However, she is in fact bored, frazzled, weary, disgruntled, and quite listless.


Original SeriesEdit

Development in Springfield BoundEdit


Shinken Skill & AbilitiesEdit


  • XYZ Axis Collision:

Additional InfoEdit

Character Trait BasisEdit

  • Sprocket (from Viewtiful Joe)
  • Juliet Douglas a.k.a. Sloth (from Fullmetal Alchemist)

Character TropesEdit

  • Child Hater: Hoover could careless about her own students. Aside from hardly remembering the names and faces of all but two of her students, Lisa unbridled enthusiasm for learning: met with weariness, Lisa's concerns about dissecting animals: independent thought alarm or sent to Skinner's office, a family member of Lisa's causes a blunder that effects the entire town: forced to turn her desk in the opposite direction. Diorama contest judging too close to lunchtime and absent-minded boy brings in Star Wars collectibles: Fanboy principal decides him as the winner, teacher strike announced: drives off without haste, student desperate to learn during teacher strike: turned away coldly, student discovers dark secret about town founder: pride suddenly kicks in and blames student for inability to land a man, usually-exceptional student forgets homework projects and prepares one in haste or if absent-minded student copies smart student's name (but keeps the same answers): smart student receives "F" unsympathetically.
  • Start of Darkness: It is unknown what exactly caused Hoover to become the uncaring and apathetic teacher she is today. However, her affiliation with the Splinter Cell and Mr. Burns is a result of both Smithers' offer to join them and Lisa finally calling her out.

Theme SongsEdit

  • Ms. Hoover's Theme - Altru Building (Takeover) (from Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia)

Voice Actor InfoEdit

  • Maggie Roswell