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Becky (ベッキー)
Rebecca "Susan" (Last Name Unknown)
Alias The Midnight Kunoichi
Age 8 (Part 1)
14 (Part 2)
Blood Type
Original Series Debut Homer's Odyssey (Cameo)
When Flanders Failed (First Appearance w/ speaking role)
Springfield Bound Debut
Affiliation Springfield Bound (Member)
Shinken Skill Kunoichi Shinken
Shinken Type Conjurer




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Character Trait BasisEdit

  • Amy Rose (from Sonic CD)
  • Ibuki (from Street Fighter III)
  • Hinata Hyuga (from Naruto)

Character TropesEdit

  • Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninja: The premises for giving Becky a ninja role originated during Lisa's slumber one night. While Bart was in the kitchen with the lights off, Becky lunged at him from behind and gave him his first (true) kiss, before he could react effectively. From this and her homage to Bart's ninja persona in "The Telltale Head" and "Lisa the Tree Hugger", Becky was made a ninja.
  • Fan of Underdog: Bart has always been a major fan of Bart, since she first saw him on her first day at school. From that point on, she has kept note of many of his exploits, as well as his many short-lived romances. However she was never able to tell Bart how she really felt about him, out of fear of rejection or what the other kids would think (most notably Janey Powell). Because of this she would often pretend to think what all the other kids would think of Bart, and do whatever they do, to avoid detection.
  • Ascended Extra: In Springfield Bound, Becky receives one of the biggest ascensions yet: from background crowd-filler to one of the main eight.
  • Ninja: After being washed up on Akira's island, he secretly trainers under the art of ninjutsu. This leads to Becky's signature fighting skills.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Despite what many think about stalkers, Becky's reasons for spying on Bart are quite justified. As a love interest prior to Burns' takeover, she has had a hard time confessing her feelings, but couldn't resist experiencing many of his exploits to gain her admiration. As a ninja, this is a standard requirement, as part of her ongoing training, as well as to keep a watchful eye on him. Following the two-year timeskip, her stalking activities are significantly reduced.
  • Admiration Shrine: Becky has one for Bart in a section behind her bedroom closet, consisting of photos and newspaper headlines of everything Bart has ever done.
  • Betty and Veronica: Becky (Betty) and Nikki (Veronica) are this to Bart (Archie).
  • Fuuma Shuriken: Becky's Crosswind Shuriken technique.

Theme SongsEdit

  • Maguroto (from Dragonball Z: The Tree of Might)

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